Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dynamics GP Blogster's best articles of 2010

Wow! 2010 is on its way out and this mark the second year I have the opportunity to publish a list of the best articles I wrote this year. The Best of 2009 was a hit, so let's give this year's a chance:

1. Using Business Alerts with Extender Tables (Jan 12) - This one came straight out of the newsgroups with Microsoft's Dawn Langlie providing a neat solution.

2. Autogenerating Customer IDs (Feb 28). Many of you seemed to have found this one very useful for whaterver projects you were working on. Up to today I still receive offline notes of thank you! for this script.

3. Microsoft Dynamics GP Architectural Foundations featuring Tim Brookins (Mar series). Many of you who had been in the channel for a while, enjoyed reading this forgotten and hard to find whitepaper, which is still today one of the best produced on the topic, even though the Dynamics GP architecture has evolved over the years. Unfortunately, Tim Brookins was not available for the closing remarks on the series.

4. Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010 (Apr series). For those of you who could not go to Convergence, I made an interesting series of articles with tons of pictures of the event and tapped out with the closing materials for the sessions presented by David Musgrave and I. Better yet, we will be present at Convergence 2011 Atlanta!

5. Urban Legends - "I cracked Dynamics GP encryption algorithm!" (May 21). This article was created in response to a widely circulated article claiming at the time week password encryption in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Followed were a slur of articles and official response from MS calming the fears raised among customers. In all fairness that post was later updated and corrected by the author.

6. Dexterity and Intellisense. (Jun 23) In an attempt to get a response from the community and MS, I launched a campain and created a product suggestion to implement this feature in the Dexterity. Low and behold, my friend Tim Gordon developed DexSense to fill the void.

7. Enforcing Password Policy with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Jul 15). In this article featured a SQL script that many of you who administer Microsoft Dynamics GP have found useful, as it allows you to track what GP user passwords will expire.

8. Using SQL CLR stored procedures to integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft CRM (Aug series). In this article, I featured a technique to integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using SQL CLR stored procedures. All I can say is, the client cannot be any happier!

9. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates summary (Sep and Oct series). Working on a series of Word Template topics, I had a chance to exchange ideas with the none other than Microsoft's Rob Wagner, a.k.a. the Word Templates god. This wrap up containes links to all the articles published in the series.

10. How to change your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Map Services (Nov 12). As the Third Law of Newton's physics suggests, this article was created in response to a bug in the map button available next to all address ID fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Since I published this article, I have had requests to create interfaces to some truly obscure map services. The answer remains the same... let me think about it!

11. Do I have to use those "Z-" currency IDs in GP?. Not even 2 weeks into publishing this article and I have had a number of comments and emails flowing into my inbox with a common theme: really? I did not know that! Well, now you know.

I hope you enjoyed the selection and if you think I missed something just chime in with some of your best articles.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC

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