Thursday, October 14, 2010

IntelliSense for Dexterity... the gift that keeps on giving

Tim Gordon at Alpine Limited, continues to work very hard on DexSense, the first IntelliSense solution for Dexterity. Tim has just recently released DexSense 1.8 which now includes some astounishing performance enhancements.

You can find more information on the most recent version of DexSense by reading the release post:

DexSense 1.8 released

To get a full copy of DexSense, proceed to the product download page over at Alpine Limited:

DexSense Product Page

You can follow the evolution of IntelliSense for Dexterity by reading the following articles on both the Developing for Dynamics GP page and here at The Dynamics GP Blogster:

Dexterity and IntelliSense
Dexterity and IntelliSense - It's time to vote!
IntelliSense for Dexterity - Ask and You Shall Receive @ Developing for Dynamics GP

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