From the Newsgroups: "The input tax for this range hasn't been entered. Do you want to continue calculating?" error when running VAT Return on Microsoft Dynamics GP v10

While attempting to generate a VAT Return report for his customer, a partner ran into the following issue.

Hi folks , weird one here. Have ran fine in the past,however we are now getting this error: 'The input tax for ths range hasn't been entered. Do you want to continue calculating?

The only change is that we have now set up all the reverse charge functionality for EU VAT. So the question is, where is the VAT return looking for the input tax?

Fortunately, the partner dog enough into this issue and found a solution which he did not mind sharing with the rest of the partner community.

Ok fixed it! Extracted all the transactions in SmartLists for the tax reporting period, and pivot tabled them on the tax detail id, compared the id's to those setup in GP only to discover that a tax detail id used 6 times does not physicly exist, [I then] changed the tax detail id in SQL to rectify to the correct id. ID must have been deleted some how.

So if you experience the same problem, now you know how to fix it.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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