Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010 - Day 4

Tuesday- Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010 day 4 marked the beginning of the end. However, it wasn't looking like that for David and I. After all, this would be the day we would be repeating both sessions, CSGPR28 - Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization Tools Unravelled and CSGPR29 - Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP Like the Pros.

First up was CSGPR28. The session went down well with attendees demanding more time given the number of tools involved. David and I reckon an hour is definately short for this type of topic, but the overall idea of showing the capabilities of the various tools is there, highlighting there is not one "best" tool to get the job done.

We took a break to go to lunch in the Meal Hall, we were joined by Mr. Beat Bucher from Forensic Technology. Lunch was short lived and off we went to catch MVP Mark Polino's session CSGPR07 - Getting more out of Microsoft Dynamics GP: 50 MORE Tips in 50 Minutes. Mark wowed the auditorium with useful tips for everyday users and also invited them to attend our closing session.

At this point, David and I were extremely drained. We sat at the end of level 4 in building A just to take our minds off the conference activities for a bit. We quickly regrouped and off we were to do tech check for our upcoming and final session, CSGPR29.

I have to admit that the break prior to our session was very energizing, as we delivered what I consider yet our best session of Convergence. Here are a couple of pictures I snatched away from Michael Johnson, the MBS Guru's Facebook page.

Kickoff Slide

David and Mariano on stage

After the session, David and I went back to the Expo Hall only to find the entire area almost dismantled. It's amazing to think that an area almost the size of 5 American football fields (the Expo Hall and the Meal Hall) can be taken down completely in less than 4 hours. We then decided to run over to to the Presenters Support room to take one final look at our sessions' stats. Our CSGP29 and CSGPR29 were both still ranked in the top 10 among all sessions delivered at Convergence.

We then went over to the Omni Hotel's bar area to relax for a bit. On the way there we caught up with the Dart Enterprises team, Todd McDaniel from Dynavistics. We sat down for a while to remember the days of early computing with Commodore Amigas and 64s, Ataris, and so forth and digressed to past projects and acquaintances.

David and I then went to dinner at South City Kitchen in midtown, were we met up with MVP Leslie Vail and her friends, Sheila Jefferson-Ross, Catherine Jacobs, Jackie Smith.

Sheila Jefferson-Ross, Catherine Jacobs, Jackie Smith,
David Musgrave, MVP Leslie Vail, MVP Mariano Gomez

As a final thought, Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010 is probably one of the best Convergence events ever! With its 8,500 attendees, with a large number being Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and customers anticipating the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 made it all that much special.

Please stay tuned for the wrap up post (to follow) as it will include the conference materials with all the demos and documentation we prepared.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC

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