Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From the Newsgroups: Safe Pay and Absolute Value of all Documents

Welcome to another edition of From the Newsgroups, where you will find real life cases of everyday issues. This edition comes courtesy of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner forum:

Q: I have setup Safe Pay Configurator. I am having issue with the overall [file] total, which I assigned as a Standard field, Check Amount, and then Amount type, Net Total. When we were testing for the trailing record, the overall document amount is coming out as Issued - Void which is correct because it's a net total, but the issue is our voids are coming without the negative sign so the value is off. Below is the example:

Issued: 1,000

Void: 100

Overall total: 900

Our bank is requesting absolute value [Ed: Checks + Voids] so overall total should be 1,100.

I exported the configurator and imported it to Fabrikam and it works/calculate correctly. Only thing we have different from Fabrikam is Multicurrency is not activated. When I tested it in Fabrikam, here's the result:

Issued: 1,000

Void: -100

Overall total: 1,100

Why is my format working in Fabrikam but doesn't on our production company?

Please advise.

Interestingly enough, it turns out this issue is related to a missing chunk file. Here is the answer from the support engineer.

A: In order to get the absolute value, you will need to install a .cnk file into the GP code folder. The .cnk file would need to be installed on all workstations that generate the Safe Pay file. The file updates the code that generates the file and adds a function that gives the total of the checks and voids. Unfortunately I can't explain why it works in Fabrikam and not in the live company. It does not work correctly in my Fabrikam install so maybe it was the way you generated the transactions for your testing.

If you are experiencing a similar situation or simply need to submit the absolute amount of all documents in the file (checks + voids), please open a support incident with the Microsoft Dynamics GP support team.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
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Unknown said...

I'm having problems with the Item Count field. Our bank wants to see just the total number of checks (excluding voids). Do you know if this is possible? Thanks!!!