Where are my toolbar menu shortcuts?

Recently, while working on a personal project, I realized that after more than 1 year of working with Dynamics GP 10.0 I had no idea why my toolbar menu items and menu drop-downs did not show the shortcut characters - the characters with an underline.

I was really used to my shortcuts! Where were they now? Turns out that activating the shortcuts is a "feature"! Yes! You just don't open the application and expect all the menu items to show their shortcuts automatically.

If you press the ALT key on your keyboard - once, the menu will light up with the shortcut characters, but this has to be done from the main toolbar, then all submenus will follow.

Also turns out that, if you have all shortcuts activated and you switch from menu, these will be gone for the next menu. So here is the deal: maybe using shortcuts and drop-down menus will become an issue of the past and you may have to get use to the home page. If not, take a look at MVP Mark Polino's post on Dynamics GP 10 home page and his own experience in his Weekly Dynamic column.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Jivtesh Singh said…
This is good to know! I had started noticing the highlighting on long pressing Alt in Office 2007, so consistency here would be great for everybody!
TA Burlison said…
After reading that, I guess I will not be using the update to 9. I have alot of traffic on those short cuts and it would be so time comsuming that, well forget it

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