FRx and Enterprise Reporting roadmap

I usually don't talk much about product strategy, because it tends to vary all too often, and what is said today, may not necessarily be what will be delivered tomorrow. However, and I as mentioned yesterday in the ad campaign post, I went to a rehashed sales seminar with excerpts from Convergence 2009 in New Orleans, where the roadmap for FRx and Enterprised Reporter was presented.

Among other things, Management Reporter will become the de facto financial reporting tool built on the ever expanding Business Intelligence and MOSS platforms, and the overall Corporate Performance Management strategy. However, Management Reporting is undergoing some major development to incorporate support for Multicurrency -- currently supported by FRx and Enterprise Reporting.

While Dynamics GP "V11" will offer support for both FRx and Management Reporter, new customers will only be shipped Management Reporter (MR V2), but can continue using the Forecaster product. Dynamics GP "V12" will mark the end of FRx and Forecaster as functionality delivered by both products will be found in Management Reporter (MR V3). The other product to follow suit will be Enterprise Reporting with the release of Management Reporter v4 by CY2014.

Although the timelines seem pretty far out, it is a great time to start developing new skills in the underlaying platform tools like Analysis Cubes and MOSS. They will certainly make transitioning to Management Reporter a breeze.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Unknown said…
Mariano, can you post a link to where a consultant can got the GP and MOSS training?
Mariano Gomez said…

Where you go for training on any of these two products would depend greatly on your geographical location.

I would suggest you Google "MOSS Training" and include your geographical location as part of the search.

For Dynamics GP, you can check with your GP partner or locate an Authorized Training Center in your area.


Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC
Unknown said…
Mariano, I am learning Dynamics Enterprise Reporting I wanted to know if you have any suggestions on deleting accounts in ER other than in the accounts window using the toolbar. Thanks, Steven

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