Microsoft Dynamics GP v10 Service Pack 3 now available

Microsoft has released (on time) Dynamics GP Service Pack 3. The direct link to the version 10.0 Service Pack 3 page is:
If you are upgrading from previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Solutions-Great Plains, or eEnterprise, be sure to check my new post on available upgrade paths. Also, please make sure to visit fellow MVP, Victoria Yudin's blog who is polling her readers on their intent for Service Pack 3.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC.


DougFettig said…
downloaded SP3 (V10) KB957743 V10 ENU.msp

Tried to install but get message:

Dex.Dic version 10.0.2630.0 is not compatible with executable version 10.0.320.0

any suggestions?
Mariano Gomez said…

Try reinstalling the Dexterity Shared Components from the Feature Pack 1 DVD image, found under the CD Root at \Bin\DexCmn.

Best regards,

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC
DougFettig said…
Thanks, I will try that.

I one of my 3 terminal servers now that is getting a message at logon:

The PM_Mass_Voucher_Save_Button trigger is not registered.

Any ideas on how to correct this?

my 2 other terminal servers do not get this message.

After getting the above message, I click OK and Dynamics seems to work fine
DougFettig said…
I have a 4th terminal server, that seems to be really messed up the update to SP3 will not load at all.

Would this be the best steps?:
1. Add/Remove programs on Dynamics
2. Reload Dynamics from CD
3. Reload sp3 before running utilities.
DougFettig said…
How about this error during upgrade on payroll master, payroll year end pension and paryoll year end wage:

Error Code 0
Error: Other Error (135)
The conversion program encountered an error and the temp table did not get removed.

Remove temp table at db level.
DougFettig said…
i have updated V10 to SP3, from SP1, and all seems to be fine except if I
try to access the employee master table.

Either from cards>payroll>Employee, or payroll transaction entry. Anytime I
need to do a lookup on an employee id.

Here is the message:

A Get Change operation on table UPR_MSTR failed accessing SQL Data

If I go to the more information or details button:

[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQLServer] Invalid column name 'EMPLSUFF'

[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQLServer] Invalid column name 'Dex_Row_TS'

any ideas?
Mariano Gomez said…

Do you have any third-party dictionaries or Dexterity customizations installed? A trigger registration error may come from a third-party dictionary or Dexterity customization that is attempting to perform some action on before the code on the Save button is executed.

On your Terminal Server, try to remove the Dynamics application and reinstall from the Feature Pack 1 DVD, then apply Service Pack 3.

As for your payroll error, it does not seem the table was updated. You can attempt to force an upgrade from the Dynamics Utilities.

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Hello, I have updated to the last version GP 10 (Argentina localization), and I'm getting issues with some XDL tables.

XDL00101 //// XDL_Numeradores_Config: "Failed accessing SQL Data / Number of results columns doesnt match table definition"

XDL10100 //// XDL_Documentos_WORK: "Failed accessing SQL Data / Number of results columns doesnt match table definition"

XDL_Export_Information: table doesn't exist. "Invalid objet name dbo.xdl00120"

All these problems fire up when I want to make an invoice, or eliminate a product from an invoice not saved yet.

My MS partner doesn't know how proceed.

Please help me!


Mariano Gomez said…

Parece que los auto procedimientos almacenados correspondientes a las tablas mencionadas en tu comentario estan danadas o no fueron actualizadas durante el upgrade.

En Dynamics GP, ve al menu de MSDGP > Mantenimiento > SQL. Selecciona la compania afectada, y localiza las tablas en la lista para la serie adecuada (presiona SHIFT y selecciona la tabla con el mouse). Luego selecciona las opciones "Borrar Procedimiento Automatico" y "Crear Procedimiento Automatico". Luego haz clic en Procesar.

Mucha suerte,

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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