David Musgrave on Table Auto Stored Procedures, Retrieving Table Information and VST LineFill Events

David was busy overnight (daytime for him) releasing three great articles:

a) The first one introduces the concept of Dexterity table Auto Stored procedures and how they are used to perform table operations.

b) His second article provides 13 known techniques for finding and retrieving tables and fields information in Microsoft Dynamics GP, exploring simple options as the GP's built-in Resource Descriptions all the way to his new Support Debugging Tool's Resource Explorer. David also provides a good number of other sources from fellow bloggers.

c) Finally, David explains the VST LineFill events by taking a look at how Dexterity fills scrolling windows and why the VST LineFill events weren't effective in accessing Dexterity table buffers.

At David's publishing rate, I will have to start a weekly summary section solely dedicated to compile his work as I am finding it hard to keep up with him. Please stop by David's blog site and let him know what you think about these great articles. The only reward we get from blogging -- besides sharing our knowledge -- is to know that you are following and enjoying these articles as much as we enjoy writing them

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC.


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