Developing for Dynamics GP - Weekly Summary

Ok, this may be funny, but trust me, if you have to keep up with David Musgrave, Mark Polino, Victoria Yudin, and all the other talented Dynamics GP bloggers out there you would soon understand why it's best to do a summary on these guys posts. So today, I will summarize David's post for the week.

Ever wonder why you receive an Illegal Address for field 'PowerUser' exception? Are you going balistic trying to find Dex.ini file after your upgrade to Dynamics GP 10.0? What are you going to do with your Dexterity customizations now that Micrsoft has changed up the Sales Transaction Entry interface buttons for the more sexy SOP Action button? Keep wondering why your DEXSQL.LOG file refers to an inexisting desSPRkmhBBCreh column in some table? Well, all answers are at Developing for Dynamics GP! Be sure to check David's posts and drop him a note on what you think about the articles.

For more information on some of the above topics please check my articles on Dex.ini and upgrading your VBA customizations to address the new SOP Action button.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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