Suppressing "Credit Limit" Warning in Sales Order Processing

A few days aback, I was asked how to keep the "This transaction exceeds the customer's credit limit" message box from popping up when entering a Sales Order. At first I thought it was a strange request, since the warning serves its purpose, but then the user explained that they had their own credit management system which takes into consideration a lot more information that GP does not manage beyond the aging buckets and the limit itself. In addition, they already had a customization in place to check the customer's credit limit against their credit system and automatically set the order on hold if limit was exceeded. In summary, the message was an inconvenience since it appeared each time a line item was entered.

To resolve this issue, I created a small VBA script that would automatically respond to the modal dialog without the user even noticing a blink on the screen, as follows:

1) Add the Sales Transaction Entry window to Visual Basic.

2) Open the Visual Basic Editor and locate the SalesTransactionEntry (Window) object. Double-click on it to bring up the editor.

3) Copy/paste the following script to the editor

Private Sub Window_BeforeModalDialog(ByVal DlgType As DialogType, PromptString As String, Control1String As String, Control2String As String, Control3String As String, Answer As DialogCtrl)

If PromptString = "This transaction exceeds the customer's credit limit. Do you want to continue?" Then

'Click the first button, the Continue button
Answer = dcButton1
End If
End Sub

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MVP, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Steve Crowell said…
I thought this would have to be turned on to a specific User Class ID in Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports but it seems to be available to all. Is there a way to limit this change to one User Class?
Olvey said…
HELLO, I`m new using Dynamics GP, I have experience using another ERPs, but I need help no. I need to add a function that sends a notification by e-mail to the user when a pending PO is active, please I need help...
Mariano Gomez said…
Not sure what you mean by "pending PO is active". However, have a look at Business Alerts. This should help you with what you are trying to achieve.

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