Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as Source for Professional Services Tools Library's Account Modifier/Combiner

This Microsoft Dynamics GP nugget comes courtesy of Victoria Yudin, MVP and owner of Flexible Solutions. Account Modifier/Combiner, a tool part of the PSTL, allows to change previous account numbers into new account numbers or combine existing accounts. The tool can automatically identify which one of these activities you are trying to perform. However, if you have used the tool in the past, you are well familiar with the long waiting times until it finishes with one modification/combination. What if you need to combine or modify hundreds of accounts?

Account Modifier/Combiner allows an end-user to setup two columns in a spreadsheet representing the Account Number and the Convert To Account Number fields respectively. The detail steps to import the accounts to be combined or modified are outlined in the Professional Services Tools Library manual, but in summary, once the spreadsheet is created, you can choose to open and validate the accounts prior to any action being carried out by the tool.

Changes can also be previewed by running the following SQL statement in SQL Server Management Studio (SQL2005) or Query Analyzer (SQL2000):


Once you are comfortable, click the Modify button on the same screen and go zip a grade mocha as this baby will take for a while.

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Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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