Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Revisiting: SOP Quick Print

Continuing with my Revisiting series, today I look at an article I wrote in 2009 regarding the SOP Quick Print feature.


SOP Quick Print is one of those gems in Microsoft Dynamics GP hidden within plain site. Written by my friend David Musgrave, it was designed to save time when saving and printing sales orders, fulfillment orders, and invoice. SOP Quick Print is activated by pressing CTRL + Q on your keyboard, and after a simple setup, it's good to go.

SOP Quick Print Setup window
One of the frustrating things about saving most documents in Dynamics GP, is that the window is cleared completely from the document that you were working on. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, this can be an inconvenience if all you wanted to do is save your document up to that point, so you can keep working on it. Current business logic would have you retrieving that document once more by either typing the document number or retrieving it via a lookup. With SOP Quick Print, you can save the document while keeping it displayed on the Sales Transaction Entry window.

SOP Quick Print and the Web Client

In order to achieve the printing and the saving of the document, SOP Quick Print creates a Dynamics GP macro on the fly, with the necessary macro lines (based on the selected options during configuration) to print, save, and retrieve the document when saved. The macro looks something like this:

ActivateWindow dictionary 'default'  form 'SOP_Print_Options' window 'SOP_Print_Options'
  MoveTo field 'Print Button NONE'
  ClickHit field 'Print Button NONE'
NewActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form 'Report_Destination' window 'Report_Destination'
  MoveTo field 'Print to Screen'
  ClickHit field 'Print to Screen'
  MoveTo field 'OK Button'
  ClickHit field 'OK Button'
PrintDialog copies 0 from 0 to 0

The macro is saved in the Data folder of the current instance.

The issue with macros is, they are not compatible with the Dynamics GP web client, so unfortunately, this great feature is not available when running the web client. But if you currently enjoy the desktop client, there should be absolutely no reason for you not to take advantage of this feature.

I have tested this across all newer versions of Dynamics GP, since GP 2013 and the feature continues to work as expected.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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