Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GPUG Amplify Anaheim 2016 - Pre-conference Day 2

On this Saturday morning, I got up and went downstairs around 10 AM. Of course, the days started out with a Tall Flat White, by far my favorite Starbucks cup of coffee. After ordering my coffee, I sat in the hotel lobby for an hour or so, trying to catch up on emails and some work. I then went around touring the place and making sure I would find the room where I would be presenting on Monday. Interestingly enough, the ballrooms were reserved for the California - Hawaii Elks Association who were hosting their 98th convention at the hotel from May 15 - May 18 with what I can only assume were "left overs" from that event. This great Association helps children with disabilities since 1950. Most of the members were checking out and the hotel staff was dismantling the ballrooms to quickly turn around and host a wedding.

I went back to my room and spent quite the rest of the afternoon sleeping and resting. Around 6 PM, I went down to the nFuse bar and met up with Craig and Pam who were wrapping up dinner. I munched on Pam's asparagus as I was quite hungry.

Pam Misialek with a plentiful order of asparagus
Craig and Pam left the area and I decided to order some dinner. In the meantime, I came across my good friend Jen Kuntz (Twitter: @JenKuntzGP) from Kuntz Consulting in Toronto, Canada. Jen joined in for a beer and kept me company while I was having dinner. Jen was just coming in from watching a baseball match as she's apparently a big fan of the game.

Jen Kuntz and I
I stayed down for a bit more and was joined by Kim Peterson, now with Interdyn BMI who began chatting for a bit. I moved over to the bar where I had a few more drinks while chatting with a Qatar Airways crew member who had just arrived in the hotel moments earlier from a 16-hour flight from Doha. It was around 2 AM and just about time to call it a night.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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