5 Reasons to attend #GPUGAmplify 2016 in Anaheim, California

If you are not excited about the upcoming #GPUGAmplify conference, here are 5 reasons to attend:

1. It's in Anaheim, California. Yes, the home of Disneyland! Not only is Anaheim a great fun and entertaining place, but they also have an enviable weather, 5-star restaurants and food, and plenty to see. Anaheim's at the outskirts of Los Angeles, for those of us with big city mentality, so if you feel claustrophobic, a quick ride to LA and you will be in a totally different atmosphere.

2. Microsoft Support will be there! Have a chance to inquiry about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, or the new HTML5 web client, or even that nagging issue in your environment that you've been dealing with for a while. In addition, those Fargo guys always seem to know where the cool bars are... don't ask!

3. Bob McAdam is busted his butt putting this thing together! We no longer have mama Kim, but we have one dedicated Bob McAdam who is been rallying up all the troops, from presenters, to facilities, to coordinating sponsors, to registering folks. The man has done it all! Why would you not correspond with your presence at the event? Take a look at the following articles by Bob to go deeper into what's coming:

GPUG Amplify Agenda Deep Dive (1/3)
GPUG Amplify Agenda Deep Dive (2/3)

4. Microsoft Business Solutions MVPs will be on site too! Now, talking about smart people with real life experience? How about the likes of Belinda Allen, Mark Polino, John Lowther, and yes, ME! We are all coming in strong with great sessions that you sure won't want to miss.

5. The final and most important reason is, you have a chance to make of Amplify what Convergence once represented to you and your company. Yes, granted, we are starting out small, but that does not mean we are not going to grow. We need you to make that happen! Register today!

See you from May 23 to May 25, 2016.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP


ms dynamics said…
Wow, excellent! Thank you for sharing this, I think the reasons are very convincing :) I like such events, because there I can meet new interesting people and learn something that will be useful in my future. And also it's great that Microsoft supports such events.

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