#GPUGAmplify: Amplify your Knowledge with Microsoft and GPUG

Anaheim, California: home of the very famous Disneyland entertainment complex, the celebrated ice hockey team, Anaheim Ducks, and why not, some colorful protesting melees as of late. However, this awesome American city in the Southern California enclave will be the host of the newly minted GPUG Amplify (Twitter: #GPUGAmplify) event, a joint venture between Microsoft and the Dynamics GP User Group.

What is GPUG Amplify?

Well, let's start by saying what it is not. #GPUGAmplify is not Convergence and it is not a replacement for the new Microsoft Envision conference. Amplify stands on its own as a new conference that seeks to provide insider information to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community product roadmap, upcoming features and overall vision. In that sense, it seeks to achieve the same goals and fill the gap left by Convergence. In addition, Amplify will deliver some very high quality sessions oriented to new functionality and features that will be available in upcoming releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP. In that sense, it differs from GPUG Summit in that the number of sessions will be far less, but highly specific.

When is GPUG Amplify?

Amplify will be held in Anaheim, California from May 23 - May 25, 2016. Side note: if you time this well, you can book your Memorial Day week in beautiful Southen California. Registrations are currently open with an early bird special ending all the way up to March 25, 2016.

Where to Stay and how to get there?

For the conference, GPUG has partnered with the Marriott Anaheim offering a group rate of $169/night + tax. GPUG has also partnered with Delta Airlines offering a promotional code for those seeking to get a discount given the rushed schedule.

As always, I may be presenting at this event (yet to be defined) and hope to see you there. Don't let the schedule scare you away from enjoying what may be "The Next Big Thing" to grace the Microsoft Dynamics GP world after Convergence.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP


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