You receive "Unable to Upgrade SBA from RTM" when attempting to apply Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 January or March Hotfix

Well, this one for sure has bitten more than one person already. I've seen a lot of exchanges and fielded a number of calls from folks trying to install the January or March hot fixes of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. When the msp file is executed, couple seconds into the execution you receive the following error message:

"Unable to upgrade SBA from RTM. Please remove the SBA feature before running this patch."

The first reaction is to try and find the feature via the Uninstall or change a program options under the Windows Control Panel. As it turns out, there's no such option. This has led many folks to the next "obvious" option: Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Components.

When you choose to uninstall the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Components, you will get rid of the Web Client install, but not the SBA components.

So what's the solution?

The keyword in the error message is the word "feature". SBA is a Microsoft Dynamics GP feature. In order to remove, you will need to right-click on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and select the change option.

You will then click on the Add/Remove Features option in the Program Maintenance window, then scroll down until you see the Service Based Architecture option in the Select Features window. You can the proceed to click on the corresponding options button associated to the SBA prompt and select Not Available.

Select Features window
Once you click Next, the installer will proceed to remove the feature from your environment. When completed, you can re-run the hotfix msp to apply the updated code.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC


Anonymous said…
Is there any way to install without removing it?
Elena said…

Can I install SBA again after path is applied?
Mariano Gomez said…

Not sure I understand your question. In order to install SBA again, you will need to remove it first.

Anonymous said…
Once we remove SBA and and apply the Hotfix, can we reinstall SBA again from the RTM download without any future issues?
Mariano Gomez said…

It's always a good idea to try out what you are proposing in your question. However my gut feeling tells me you will run right into the issue again as this seems to be a Microsoft imposed restriction, this is, you must uninstall SBA RTM before you can apply the hotfix.


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