SOP Quick Print feature does not work when window ribbons are enabled

Happy New Year!! Hope all of you had a great time with family and friends and that you are back getting used to the daily grind once more.

Today, I want to kick off the year with an issue in Sales Transaction Entry window related to the cool ribbons implemented since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2. By now, you are probably getting used to the absolutely gorgeous user interface which features Microsoft Office style ribbons on every window. Furthermore, you probably already know that the use of such ribbons is actually customizable and in many ways optional - albeit being the default configuration - as described by fellow Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP, Leslie Vail in her article GP 2013 R2 Ribbons. As it turns out, there's a Dex.ini switch, EnableWCRibbons=FALSE, that controls whether ribbons are enabled within Microsoft Dynamics GP or not. When ribbons are enabled, users can further customize the appearance of the action pane or return to the traditional menu bar for each window.

User Preferences window

Yesteryear (2009), I wrote an article talking about The wonders of CTRL+Q: saving and printing SOP documents in one step and how the Quick Print feature made life easier to the poor souls out there who needed a quick shortcut to printing SOP documents from the Sales Transaction Entry window. In that article I detailed the mechanics behind the feature, written by my good friend David Musgrave.

As fortune would have it, when ribbons are enabled and you are either using the Action Pane or the Action Pane Strip layouts, the Quick Print feature does not work. However, if the User Preference is returned to Menu Bar (you will need to exit Dynamics GP and re-launch for the changes to take effect), the Quick Print option (and CTRL+Q keyboard combination) works just fine.

While clearly an inconvenience, this can hardly be labeled a bug since the feature is still present within the application when the Window Command Display setting is set to Menu Bar as part of the user preferences. It would be nice, however, to have this fixed for Dynamics GP in desktop client mode. I can see how this may or may not work under web client mode as the browser keyboard shortcut combinations take precedence over the application's shortcuts.

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC


Mariano Gomez said…

This issues has been written up as a Quality Report, # 78140 - GP 2013 R2 New Ribbon missing Quick Print Option in SOP. No resolution date has been set for this as of yet.

Mariano Gomez, MVP
tracey said…
We have just upgraded to GP 2015 last week. We have always used Quick Print. My quick print works and I am using Action Pane strip. Others are using Action pane and they are not working correctly. Changed one to Action pane strip and then to menu bar (getting out and back in)got the same result. They are printing the right form in the right quantity but to the windows default printer instead of the named printer. Have also imported my machine ID to both.
Unknown said…
GP 2013 R2 - if you set the Window Command Display to anything but Menu Bar, you are not able to delete a row from the Purchasing Invoice Entry screen. There is no option on the window to delete a row. If you try to remove the contents of the ITEM field on a row, a popup indicates "you cannot change this item because the information has been save. To remove this item, select Delete Row form the Edit menu." BUT, the Action Pane and Action Pane Strip does not have this choice.
Anonymous said…
I have an error that states "please select order or invoice first" when I have a back order pulled up and use the crl+Q command. Has anyone experienced this?


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