Sunday, March 9, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2014 - Day 4 and Wrap Up

Friday, March 7, 2014 - Day 4

Convergence is almost over. After a busy Day 3, I simply decided I had enough and camped out at home for most of the morning. I decided to head down to the Convention Center at around 11:00 AM to take advantage of the USD $100 store certificate to get some goodies at the Microsoft onsite store. I picked up a couple mouses, a Microsoft Dynamics carrying bag, and some apparel to go along.

The place was almost deserted with quite a bit of folks having flights out early in the morning. Convergence has come to an end.


I want to thank the Microsoft team for trusting both Mark and I with delivering the MVP section of the General Session. While a lot of time and prep work goes into making it happen, I certainly have quite a bit of appreciation for the team's effort. Also, thanks for letting me present the various breakout sessions presented. Filling in for Kelly Youells is not an easy task.

I also want to thank the GP User Group (GPUG) team for inviting me to conduct the interactive discussion sessions. I have some ideas on how we can get this promoted and will be reaching out soon to you.

Thanks to Tom Manfre, Greg Frick, and Todd Schultz for signing up for the Interactive Discussion sessions. I really have quite some fun listening to your experiences and how you are currently taking advantage of cloud and Microsoft Dynamics GP in general.

Presentation Materials

You can now download the presentation materials to my sessions here.

CSGP008 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Upgrading and Deploying the fun way - click here.
CSGP014 Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization for Beginners - click here.
Visual Studio Tools Customization Sample: SOP Amounts in Words - click here.

If you missed any of my presentations, you can catch them on the Virtual Convergence website. Just use the email address you registered with to gain access to the site. I believe a combination of both the downloaded material and the Virtual Convergence presentation will make up for attendance.

If you attended any of the sessions, please fill out your evaluations. It's the only way I get invited to these things. See you all next year at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2015.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


Microsoft Dynamics GP said...

I have some queries about Gp first of all is it only an acccounting software as many claim it to be.or is it a complete ERP.

Mariano Gomez said...

It's a full ERP software. Please contact me if you want further information about it, mgomez AT IntellPartners DOT com