Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2014 - Day 3

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - Day 3

After a night of party at Rock-n-Rave on Day 2, I would be delivering 3 sessions today. While getting up was painful in the morning, my wife and I managed to get an early start and made it down to the convention center to continue with our activities.

Back at the Sydney Marcus auditorium, I caught the tail end of DDGP008 Excel, Excel, Excel: An Excel shootout (part 2 - how to do it yourself) hosted by MVPs Mark Polino and Belinda Allen and Microsoft's Jarred Hall. This session was attended by 255 people and ended with a lot of questions.

DDGP008 Excel, Excel, Excel: An Excel shootout (part 2 - how to do it yourself)
Belinda Allen, Jarred Hall, Mark Polino
The things these guys are able to do with Microsoft Office Excel are just breathtaking and stunning all at once. The team demonstrated Excel's new visualization capabilities and how just about anyone can take advantage of these with just the basic knowledge of pivot tables.

Next up was my first session of the day, a repeat, CSGP008-R2 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Upgrading and deploying the fun way. By now, my comfort level was high as I would be doing the same session as the prior day. The turned out was actually very impressive, with 190 attendees, despite the previous night of parties in town.

CSGP008-R2 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Upgrading the fun way @ Sydney Marcus Auditorium
My session ended with quite a bit of questions from the crowd in attendance and feedback was positive. I really would like to bring this session back next Convergence.

It was time to go meet with Jason Gumpert with MSDynamicsWorld. Jason had planned an interview with Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs in attendance and I have to say I truly enjoyed listening to some of my peers. One of the cool things about being an MVP is the ability to observe and analyze things from a different perspective, given the amount of insight we have into the products we are so passionate about.

After the interview, I had a chance to get one last snapshot of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support team. Pretty soon the Expo hall would be dismantled as this was the last day it would be opened.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team
I was off to deliver a 2:00 PM interactive session hosted by GPUG, IDGP003-R1 Ask Your Peers: Cloud and Web Client Technologies. It was my privilege to present this session accompanied by Tom Monfre with Batteries + Bulbs, Greg Frick with Dimensional Thinking, and Todd Schultz with the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. We had a small turn out of no more than 10 souls, but had a chance to convert this into a round table discussion where attendees made some very interesting observations about how their organizations envision deploying and using the cloud and taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web client.

We had a chance to repeat our session, IDGP003-R2 Ask Your Peers: Cloud and Web Client Technologies at 5:00 PM and had a smaller turn out, but still very enjoyable and on point with the objectives.

After all the sessions were through, I met up with my wife and daughter for the concert featuring Grammy Award winning group Fun (twitter: @ournameisfun) at the Phillips Arena. Prior to attending the concert, we went out for dinner with our good friends Mike Lupro (Lupro and Associates), Zubin Gidwani (Dynamic Budgets), and Constance Quigley (Q-Factor Consulting).

Dinner was over and it was time to simply relax a bit and get our minds off the long week. Now I leave you with some pictures from the concert.

Emily Moore (Guitar) & Nate Ruess (Lead Vocalist)

Nate Ruess

Microsoft Dynamics AX MVP Joris de Gruyter and I doing a selfie at the Fun. concert
My next article will be a Day 4 and Wrap Up and will feature all the materials used at the conference. You are free to download these for your own purpose. Also, be sure to check out The Dynamics GP Blogster on Facebook for lots more pictures. Feel free to tag yourself, friends, or anyone you recognize.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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