Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Web Client Wednesday - The Lingo

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web client introduces new terms beyond your traditional "Launch File" and "Settings File", and though these two terms still exist, the list has just got a bit longer. Most of the terms in this list identify web client architecture components. Other terms simply identify technology stack elements. However, familiarity with all these terms, components, and their relationships is a must if you are a technical/implementation consultant or IT director looking to understand what is going to take to deploy the environment.

Active Directory Certificate Services
Certificate Authority
Certificate Store
Dynamic Form Rendering
Fiddler Trace
HTTP Activation
HTTPS Binding
Last Heatbeat
Named System Database
Potential Sessions Remaining
Rendering Engine
Runtime Service
Security Token
Self-Signed Certificate
Session Central Service
Session Host
Session Management Proxy Service
Session Monitor
Session Service
Silverlight App
Silverlight Canvas
Silverlight Certificates
Silverlight Snap-In
SSL Certificate
Tenant Discovery Service
Tenant Management Proxy Service
Tenant Management Service
TrustedApp msi
Web Client Diagnostics
Web Client Runtime
Web Management Console
Wildcard Certificate
WCF Endpoint
WCF Service

Here's a list of resources that deal with all these terms and what they mean:

Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Infrastructure Overview, Aaron Donat @ Developing for Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client and Silverlight Security Requirements, Aaron Donat @ Developing for Dynamics GP
Active Directory Certificate Services, TechNet
What is Windows Communication Foundation?, MSDN
Dynamic Form Rendering, Mariano Gomez @ The Dynamics GP Blogster
Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy, Eric Lawrence
What is SSL Certificates?, GlobalSign (GMO Internet Group)
Using the Named System Database Feature for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Aaron Donat @ Developing for Dynamics GP
Silverlight, Microsoft
How to Setup SSL on IIS?, Microsoft
Troubleshooting the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client - Part 7, Mariano Gomez @ The Dynamics GP Blogster

Hope you find this information useful.

Until next post!

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