Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Houston 2012 - Day 2

After all the hoopla from Day 1, Day 2 of Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Houston 2012 begins with a solid breakfast at the Hilton Americas Cafe with David and Jennifer Musgrave, and MVP Frank Hamelly.

Breakfast was short lived and off we went to get ready for our second session, CSGP23-R1 Advanced Microsoft Dynamics GP Administration with the Support Debugging Tool. Our session featured MVP Mark Polino (twitter: @mpolino) who was slinging some t-shirts and caps to the 277 strong audience. I have to confess this was ubber fun!

Upon wrapping up our session, Dave and I quickly went over to  CSGP20-R1 The New Microsoft Dynamics GP Administrator to show some support for John and Leslie in their presentation. Leslie has been instrumental in the success of our presentations throughout the years.

John Lowther and MVP Leslie Vail

Next up was an interactive discussion session on one of my favorite topics: security. IDGP02-R1 Ask the Experts: Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP was hosted by Jeff McDowell (sitting in for Andy Snook) from FastPath, Beat Bucher from Forensic Technology, Bob McAdam (twitter: @4mcadam) from TriBridge, Brian Roney (twitter: @BrianPRoney), subject matter expert for Microsoft, and Steve Baute from Interactive Intelligence.

IDGP02-R1 Ask the Experts: Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP
The session turned out to be very informative and with lots of inteaction from the attendees. Dave and I got to add a word or two about the Support Debugging Tool while providing some insight into some of the questions being asked.

The afternoon ended with a speakers "Thank You" invitation, hosted by Pam Misialek, Product Manager at Microsoft, in her suite. It was a great chance to catch up with other speakers and to sip in some free beers, courtesy of Microsoft - believe me when I say it does not happen often enough!

The funniest thing about this social activity, as it turned out, were the t-shirts in the room. Clearly, everyone is drinking the MVP Mark Polino's Kool Aid.

David Musgrave drinking the Mark Polino's Kool Aid

John Lowther, MVP Leslie Vail, and Pam Misialek drinking the Mark Polino's Kool Aid

After having a good time, we all decided to go for dinner at McCormick and Schmik's, a nice seafood restaurant over at the Houston Pavilions. Then it was off to the spOt's Satisfaction: The Intenational Rolling Stones Show being hosted at the House of Blues. Unfortunately, I had to cut my night short if I wanted to present on the following day, so off I went to bed.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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