Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Houston 2012 - GPUG DayONE is on!

Saturday was sure an exciting day at the GPUG PreGame event. It was definitely good to see all the Microsoft Dynamics GP '12' Web Client coolness in action, straight from the guys who developed the product to begin with. However, I had been looking forward to Sunday, as it marked the first presentation that David Musgrave and I would be delivering at GPUG DayONE.

The morning started with a breakfast hosted by IntellPartners for its clients attending Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012.

Mariano Gomez, Lorrie Hendrickson (East West Manufacturing), Ted Mauldin
After wrapping up breakfast, David and I went over to Ballroom B where we would be presenting our session. We had the opportunity to do some tech check and made sure that our slides were loaded on the presenters desktop computer.

Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave
After our tech check, there was a small gathering for DayONE presenters, where last minute instructions and guidelines were provided. David and I were notified that Microsoft's Pam Misialek would be opening for our session. Pam's role would be that of introducing GPUG to our session attendees and providing all the information necessary about the program, regional chapters, and training opportunities available, all the while exploring the benefits of joining the User Group.

GPUG speakers meeting
It was now showtime. After Pam concluded her introduction, David and I went on to present our session UBGP18 Where do the experts turn for answers? To our delight, we had a good turn out of attendees and we had a chance to walk them through all the different resources available in the community and how to sort through these resources. Our session went by flawlessly, giving us enough time to answer a number of questions from the audience at the end.

Upon wrapping up our session, I went to show some love to my fellow IntellPartners colleague and MVP, Frank Hamelly. Frank's session, Ask the Experts: 13 classic under-used features in Microsoft Dynamics GP was delivered at full room. I definitely learned a few new things in this presentation and I could not agree more with the selection of under-used features.

Upon wrap up of Frank's session, we decided to head over to the Convergence speaker registration room where I was delighted to find Ace Martin and Tracy Stenhjem. As a speaker, it is always comforting to know that Ace and Tracy are watching your back to make sure things are running as planned.

Ace Martin, Mariano Gomez, and Tracy Stenhjem

Back at the Hilton Americas, we sat in Andy Snook and Jeff McDowell's session, Security Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This session proved to be extremely informative as it provided valuable tips around the topics of application and database security, and segregation of duties within the organization and its relation to application security. The session was an excellent teaser for the Support Debugging Tool sessions that David and I would be presenting on the following day.

Andy Snook from FastPath
After a good start, it was time for the awaited Convergence 2012 reception to be held at the Houston Astros baseball stadium, the Minute Maid Park. On the way to the ballpark, we past this cool looking Escalade. If you had any doubt you were in Texas...

Cadillac Escalade with a long horn on the front grill
After passing the door security control we were treated to this excellent view of the ballpark's diamond. Things were certainly being prepared for the Daughtry concert, with equipment being unpacked and accomodated throughout the stage. In the background, the videoboard was rotating the Convergence Welcome video.

Minute Maid Park

Next up was the main event of the night: Daughtry! The band played a few of its new songs, while delivering the 'sing alongs' that concert attendees wanted to hear.

It was also great to spend some time and entertain the IntellPartners clients who joined us at Convergence. It was a fantastic evening!

Lorrie Hendrickson (East West Manufacturing), Mariano Gomez, Frank Hamelly, and Sandra Flechas (Albert Uster Imports)
Tomorrow, marks the first day of Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 Houston. The Keynote and General sessions are expected to deliver some key announcements around Microsoft's vision and strategy for its Business Solutions applications.
Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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