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Pre-Conference Day 3 - Tech Check

February 28, 2011. Pre-Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference Day 3 - Tech Check.

This is a series of articles leading up to the actual Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 event. The goal is to keep you informed of some of the developments leading up to the Conference and also provide you with a "behind the scenes" view of our work and activities.

Day 2 was a bit hectic, troubleshooting David's computer problems. This set us back a bit with our initial goal of fine tuning the presentations.

The morning started with the usual breakfast and really nothing much transpired.

In the afternoon we took a shuttle to the Microsoft Horizons Campus were we met up with Babs Coler. Babs is in charge of coordinating speakers and sessions. After a few minutes of conversation, it was time for lunch. We met up with Patrick Roth and were later joined few minutes later by Dave Dusek. Patrick and David [Musgrave] discussed a bit about their presentation and had a few last minute ideas on how they would like to deliver it. After lunch, Pat and David began a dry run on their session and invited me to provide feedback.

Once they wrapped up, David and I went visiting the rest of the Support team.

We returned to the room where we would both be presenting. I walked up to the podium and put down my computer, grabbed the VGA connection to plug into my laptop and...no VGA port for me! My brand new laptop only comes equipped with an HDMI port. I quickly went online to establish if I could get an HDMI to VGA converter, not without checking if the audiovisual department at Microsoft had one. Surprise, surprise!

I went online and found that Best Buy carries a converter cable and immediately hitched a ride to the local store at the West Acres mall. In talking to the store's floor manager, he explained they did not carry such cable at the store [though he was aware of it] and offered instead a solution involving a converter from HDMI to DVI, and a DVI to VGA adapter.

This sounded like a working solution, despite the two pieces of hardware required. So, I paid and off I went to the Horizon building, only to find out halfway through that the DVI male and female connectors on both adapters are incompatible. The DVI portion of the DVI to VGA adapter had some extra pins around the flat pin as it was designed to carry analog signals only throughout the adapter. In turn the HDMI to DVI was designed to carry only digital signals -- back to square 1!

Above HDMI to DVI adaptor - Below DVI to VGA adaptor
Given the issue at hand, it was necessary to move off all my Visual Studio Tools demo code to David's machine.

Once again, frustrated, battered, and beaten up -- this time by my computer, we returned to the hotel where we continued working on the Support Debugging Tool presentation fine tuning. Halfway through, we saw Mark Rockwell from Rockton Software checking in at the hotel. Then David Eichner from ICAN Software appeared. It was time for dinner!

From left to right: Mariano Gomez, Mark Rockwell, David Musgrave, Leslie Vail, Dave Eichner
Upon wrapping up dinner, David and I continued working on the Support Debugging Tool presentation, up until 11:30 PM CST, when we wrapped up and did a dry run.

The Technical Conference officially begins tomorrow, so this is the last pre-conference post. We are very confident you will enjoy our material and learn a lot from it. Please come see us over the next couple of days.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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