Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 - Trip back home

After the goodbye-hugs at the Closing Session, I hitched a ride with Beat Bucher to the airport, as the Ramada decided at last minute to mess up my shuttle booking. The cab took us to the hotel, where I picked up my luggage and off we went to the airport. Beat and I went to the cafeteria, grabbed a cup of joe each, and talked about the latest world developments.

An hour before Beat's flight we decided it was time to go through security as lines were quickly getting long. We were greeted by some very nice TSA agents with whom we spent time talking about the different [crazy!] seasons in Fargo and Montreal -- Beat's from Montreal.

Once our carry-on was inspected, TSA agents had a particular interest in Beat's carry-on suitcase. As it turned out, my friend was trying to smuggle an apple juice box unsuccessfully out of the country :-). The juice box was confiscated and off we went to gate 1 from where both of our flights would depart.

Once in the air, I managed to capture this nice pic of the Fargodome, home of some of the best matches between archrivals UND and NDSU.

My flight arrived at Concourse G at the Lindbergh Terminal in Minneapolis. This was not all that bad considering my outbound flight to Atlanta was leaving at Concourse F. Nonetheless, MSP's terminals are not to be taken lightly, as there's considerable distance between each of their concourses. So, off I went to gate F9.

Nice display at gate G12 on the way to F9

Upon arriving at F9, I was able to catch a break and sit for a bit. The flight, as it is usually the case with Delta flights, was oversold and completely booked. However, and to my surprise, the cleared passengers list was taken care of by the gate personnel pretty quick, so boarding began on time - did not get an upgrade for this leg of the trip.

View from my seat in the aircraft to the tarmac

Once seated onboard the aircraft, after watching a tourtous boarding process for the non-Sky Priority passengers, and ready to depart, the captain announced that we had a "maintenance issue" and would be departing in 30 more minutes.

Well, at least this made me feel like David and I weren't the only one having problems this week. You can read David's post on his computer issues here. You can follow up on the issues I experienced here.

The "maintenance issue" translated into a defective toillet in the bathroom, which was frankly replaced very shortly after the captain made the announcement. It looks like the maintenance crew had their game face on. The captain returned and made the announcement that we would be leaving immediately and would still reach our destination ontime.

After a very exciting and draining week, that's all I needed to know.

Tomorrow, don't miss the Technical Conference materials on Support Debugging Tool and Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization Tools on my blog. These will be made available for download.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


Rob Bernhardt said…
Thank goodness for TSA! What if he had gotten the apple juice out of the US?

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