Saturday, February 6, 2010

See you at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010

Great News! I am going to my first Microsoft Convergence conference as a presenter and will be presenting two concurrent sessions (more on this soon) with my partner in crime, David Musgrave. David and I presented together back in November at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 and it was a great success. So now, at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010, we get a chance to do it again.

Here are some Microsoft Dynamics Convergence resources to start gearing up for April:

  • Microsoft Convergence 2010 Atlanta Registration Site - Click here

  • David Musgrave's Convergence 2010 announcement article - Click here for more info.

  • If you did not get a chance to see MVP Mark Polino at Convergence 2009 in New Orleans, then no worries. He is back with his "50 Tips in 50 Minutes" session this year in Atlanta - Click here for more info.

  • If you are interested in volunteering opportunities at Convergence you need to watch the following video for more information.


See you in my backyard.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC

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