From the Newsgroups: Multicurrency POP Receipts

Welcome to another weekly edition of the new From the Newsgroups blog entry. This week's topic revolves around Multicurrency POP Receipts and a feature available in GP. As usual, no names will be given out, just the question and the answer.

Q: Functional currency is CAN [Ed: Canadian Dollars]. Item has a receipt that was for qty of 6000 each at .62 each USD currency. Vendor is setup as a US vendor. In the fifo layers it shows a receipt for 5999 at .62 each then another line for a qty of 1 at $12.57. Why is the system showing two lines for this receipt and breaking out the exchange all in one line. The exchange should spread over the qty of 6000 not qty 1.

We know there is an issue with split receipts when the item has more than 2 decimal points or there is landed cost involved. That is not the case here. This appears to be because of the exchange rate.

The response is as follows:

A: Good Day.

Thank you for using Forums.

With your exchange rate, it would appear that you have 6000 qty at an extended cost of $3731.95. Is this correct?

If so, the way GP handles a situation where the qty is not evenly divided into the extended cost is to produce a split receipt. The 'logic' behind it takes as many qty at the 'unit cost' as possible, and then puts the left over amount on the last single qty. This is the way this has worked as long as we've been using split receipts.

This is not so much a matter of putting the 'exchange amount' on one qty, but rather that we can't spread the extended cost over the 6000 qty evenly. $3731.95 divided by 6000 is .6219916666666666666 repeating. We have to use some mechanism to have 6000 qty in our system at total cost of $3731.95. The method we use is a split reciept of 5999 @ .62 and 1 @ 12.57. This is standard GP functionality and has been for many versions.

If you have some suggestions on doing this in a different manner, please feel free to enter a product suggestion so that it can be reviewed for possible future releases.

Some of the features in GP are simply hidden to the naked eye unless you are dealing with a number of situations day in and day out. Multicurrency is one such situation.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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