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Post through from Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing

As if Post Through wasn't hard enough to understand for the core financial and distribution modules (take a look at my previous article Why my transactions don't post through GL even when I have the flag selected?) here comes Manufacturing. Take a look at these comments from Microsoft's Becky Berginski:

"Within Microsoft Dynamics GP there is a place to setup your modules posting options. However, there is not an option specifically for Manufacturing. Manufacturing looks at the Inventory and General Ledger options to determine the MFG posting options. If the transactions you enter in Manufacturing post adjustments to Inventory then the system looks at the settings for your Inventory module. (i.e. To determine if it is stops in GL or posts through GL.) If the transactions don't update inventory (i.e. closing MO), but GL adjustments are made then it looks at your GL settings to determine how it posts.

Go to Tools Setup Posting Posting. Review the settings for both Inventory and General ledger transaction entry options.The posting journals that print after a posting of an MO Receipt are those associated with Inventory Adjustments. You can turn these off (or have them saved to a file) using the Posting Setup window (Tools - Setup - Posting - Posting). Be sure to choose the Inventory series and the Transaction Entry origin. Keep in mind that these settings are now on those reports for regular Inventory posting also and not just the posting of Manufacturing Components.

There are certain labor transactions that will not post through the GL. Data Collection transaction never post Through the GL. You would need to locate the Journal Entry and adjust the Transaction Date. Data Collection entries will have a Source Doc code of 'DC_ADJ' and reference to the MO number."

Becky then goes on to clarify that,

"There are some transactions that will not post to GL. Most of them do. Below is a listing of what does. There are various postings that will come from Manufacturing. Some of these postings go directly to the GL. Some of the postings go through Inventory first and then update the GL. The transactions that go through Inventory utilize the posting setup for that series. The transactions that post directly from manufacturing to GL utilize the posting setup for the financial series. Here are some examples of the various places that one can post from in Manufacturing:

1. If they are using the Quick MO Entry window, postings will occur when they click on the Close MO button.

A. They will have one adjustment posted in Inventory to reduce quantities for the components. This entry will update GL when it finishes posting in IV.

B. They will have a second adjustment posted in Inventory for the receipt of the finished goods. This also will update GL when it finishes posting in IV.

C. If there is labor or machine time set up for the finished good, a journal entry for those costs will post directly to the GL.

D. Also if there are any variances, a journal entry to record those will post directly to the GL.

2. If they are using the basic MO Entry window, postings may occur a number of different times and from different windows:

A. Components can be issued from the Component Transaction Entry window. This posts a decrease adjustment in IV and then GL when the posting completes in IV.

B. Any labor and machine time recorded in any of the WIP windows will post costs directly to the GL.

C. The posting of MO receipts will post an increase adjustment for the finished good in IV and then will update GL. If components are backflushed a decrease adjustment will be posted to IV and GL will be update after the IV posting is complete. Labor and machine costs may post to GL if they are backflushed.

D. When closing the MO, variances will be posted directly to GL. Also additional component quantities may be included--this means a decrease adjustment in IV and a related posting to GL.

One other setting that sometimes prevents users from posting thru GL is in the Security Setup window (Tools - Setup - System - Security). Choose product of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Type of Windows, and Series of Financial. Be sure that the users posting in Mfg have access to the following two windows:

GL Open Files
GL Open Financial Files - internal

As I mentioned transactions stemming from labor or machine data collection will never post through the GL."

Hope you find this information useful and a good 2010 opening article.

Until next post!

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