Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Coming Soon to a Partner near you!

Well, I really don't want to make you envious of my fortune (but at the same time I do!) as I just got a hold of the Beta release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, thanks to the folks at Microsoft and some of the perks that come along with being a Microsoft MVP.

For now, I cannot disclose anything about the Beta release due to NDA restrictions, but I am already exploring the new features and enhancements to existing modules. I don't know when the NDA period will be over, but sure can't wait to start blogging about these new features.

If you are a customer reading this and you are still running older releases of GP (9.0 or prior), well let me say that NOW is the time to begin planning your upgrade. Why? Well, you pay for a maintenance plan, don't you? In addition, this is the biggest release EVER! The economy is slowly turning around and you want to have all the tools at your disposal for when things are at peak: better inquiries, better BI capabilities from within GP, better analysis capabilities, better everything. Your business and employees will thank you for the effort. Get in touch with your partner and if you do not have one, well... contact me! I will sure be more than glad to help you clear the ground to welcome Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

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Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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