Dynamics GP Code Name "version 11"

I was reading carefully through The Official Blog of Microsoft Dynamics GP and could not help to notice the fine print on the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP covered at Convergence 2009, among them, "version 11" is just the code name of the product and according to Microsoft's Product Management and Marketing team. In their own words "this is the internal name…we’ll likely ship with a different moniker for this release".

It is also said that code name "version 11" will ship with yet more integration capabilities to the Microsoft Office suite of applications, especially the all too neglected integration to Microsoft Word. The Dynamics GP home page is getting a face lift with tons of graphics and charts that will allow users to drill-down to the details behind those charts up to the point of reaching inquiry and transaction windows.

You can click here to read more information about code name "version 11".

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Mariano Gomez, MVP
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