Developing Customizations with Dexterity's 3-Trigger Technique

One of the biggest challenges faced by third-party developers is the ability to establish the proper place to set a trigger. Remember, Dexterity developers don't usually work with source code. However, in the process of establishing the proper point for placing a trigger, we have help in the form of code traces. My friend David Musgrave is now determined to take the mistery (and guessing) by showing you a simple, but extremely useful concept that only he could coin a name for: the 3-Trigger Technique.

David's articles can be found here:

  • Using Dexterity 3-Trigger Technique - Part 1. Click here. Details the theory behind the implementation of this concept.
  • Using Dexterity 3-Trigger Technique - Part 2. Click here. Implements the solution and provides sample code for the implementation of the technique.

David also wants you to keep in mind the concepts that made the implementation of this technique possible:

  • Three Trigger Technique
  • Cross Dictionary Triggers
  • Capturing and Using References
Just stop over at his site and let him know if you find the information useful.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


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