Monday, September 14, 2020

Power Platform: Application Lifecycle Management (Part 1/3) - Prerequisites

This series is in response to multiple requests by my viewers to address the topic of Power Apps Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This series is intended to breakdown the entire process in as much detail as possible, without lengthy explanations on how to get it done or, as often happens, little to no explanations on how you arrived at a particular step or result.

My first installment will focus on Prerequisites, this is, what you need to have in place to get started. I will walk you through provisioning your Power Platform Dev, QA, and Production environments, along with installing the Power Platform Build Tools and setting up your Azure DevOps project. I also explain the concept of solutions in Power Platform and why they are important to your ALM strategy.

Topics covered:

1. Creating Power Platform Environments
2. Azure DevOps and Installing Power Platform Build Tools
3. Creating an Azure DevOps Project
4. Solutions

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