GPUG Amplify South Africa 2018 - Day 2

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 1 of the conference was really hectic, but today would prove to be even more challenging as David and I had to deliver even more sessions than the day before.

Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Extensions with PowerApps and Flow session

We presented our remaining 5 sessions, including a repeat session:
  • Ask Us Anything About Microsoft Dynamics GP Development 
  • Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Extensions w/ Microsoft PowerApps & Flow 
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Customizing the User Interface (Repeat session)
  • Partner Solution Showcase: Winthrop Development Consultants – Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Developer 
  • Understanding Microsoft Dynamics GP Security 

We had mixed attendance. Our Ask Us Anything session was attended by 4 developers in total, but with the few questions asked, we managed to talk for a full hour, nonstop! I believe the folks that walked into our session certainly walked away very happy, as they received almost one-on-one attention. Frankly, David and I were pretty happy with the way things turned out.
It is worth noting that most developers had attended our Friday session and were probably okay with attending something else.

The Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Extensions with PowerApps and Flow session had the most attendees for the day, with over 25 people. The session started with me trying to create the PowerApps and Flow app live, however, internet speeds were proving to be a challenge, so I had to revert back to using the pre-built demo. However, I believe I managed to get the key points across.

All other sessions went down fairly smooth and without much to talk about. The Understanding Microsoft Dynamics GP Security was a session David had presented previously with fellow MVP Shawn Dorward so it was my duty to represent accordingly :) Before this session, our friend Miguel Lozano from TitaniumGP was on his way out to return to the USA, after his short but productive stint in South Africa. He was also on a support case with fellow MVP Ian Grieve from the UK and took this picture to justify why he wasn't getting back to him on time.

Miguel Lozano, Mariano Gomez, and David Musgrave
The day ended with a few cocktails and an extensive buffet of lasagna, chicken, pasta, salad, rice, etc. However, after having a couple beers and a small plate, I was off to my hotel. It had been a few exhausting days up to that moment.

Upon return to my hotel, courtesy of my Mekorma colleague, Adriaan Davel, I went back to my room and got a quick freshen-up to go to dinner, not without snapping this panorama picture of the Sun Square plaza with the dying sun in the horizon.

Sun Square Plaza view

David, Jennifer, and I had dinner plans and made it over to The Raj Indian Restaurant after their return from buying more biking supplies - David and Jennifer would be traveling to Spain in a couple days to go off biking.

With Jennifer and David Musgrave

While the conference was officially over, there were still a couple of commitments I had on the following day, before saying goodbye. More on that tomorrow.

Until next post,

Mariano Gomez, MVP


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