#FabrikamDay: blast from the past

Well, you thought #FabrikamDay was over? Not really, although this will be my last post! You see, there was a time when Microsoft Dynamics GP had its own TV commercial themed "More and Less". Rumors had it that Pam Misialek wanted a narrator with an everyday American accent, but Errol Schoenfish had his way with getting someone to put on a British accent.

More and Less advert

Other interesting facts I could research: the director of photography for this advert is Tristan Whitman under Wyldflower Filmwerks, Inc. This ad was released to cable and satellite channels around the March of 2009 time frame, just in time for Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2009 (I started attending Convergence, uninterrupted, the following year). By then, the Smart Tag functionality was available with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, but enhanced further with GP 2010. You can appreciate the Smart Tag flashes in the video.

Tristan Whitman at the camera

Until next post,

Mariano Gomez, MVP


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