Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Microsoft Dexterity crashes when checking resource version information and status from repository with Visual Studio Team Services - Part 2

Yesterday, in Part 1 of the series, I provided sufficient enough background on the migration and configuration process we followed to get our Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) source control repository environment up and running. You can read all about it here.

Today, I will focus on the two issues we ran into, which prompted us to open a couple support cases with Microsoft.

Version Information Crash

Typically, and under normal circumstances, you should be able to click on the version information button and obtain the changeset version history of a particular resource in the repository. In our case, clicking on this option would crash Dexterity.

Resource Version Information
Digging a bit into the issue, we realized that all changeset versions causing Dexterity to crash seemed to have values above 9,999 -- we looked at this through Visual Studio as Dexterity was, well, crashing.

Apparently, during the migration to VSTS, changesets get new version information, although our changeset dates remained intact. This would make sense as the migration from TFS 2012 to TFS 2013 did the same. Our assumption here is simply that Dexterity's version information was never designed to handle changeset values above 9,999 and that would explain why it's crashing.

Repository Status Crash

Another issue we found is, whenever a developer checks a resource out of the repository and attempts to inquiry the status of that resource in the repository, Dexterity crashes also. The following shows a resource checked out from the repository:

Checked out resource

Again, under normal circumstances you should be able to click on the project repository node for the dictionary being worked on and check the status of that resource to determine who has it currently checked out, as shown below:

Resource lock status in repository 

Digging into this issue, we also realized that the Project resource pane displays the changeset version information for the checked out resource. We suspect that since the changeset version value is above 9,999 Dexterity crashes, which makes this issue directly related to the above.

Once more, note that these observations are our own. While Microsoft has been able to recreate the issue, they have not confirmed our suspicions on what's causing the issue. As soon as we obtain some more information, I will be publishing the findings and where to obtain the fix for this problem.

As a workaround and until a fix is issued, you can use Visual Studio's Source Control Explorer to check for version information on a particular resource. Right-click on the resource and select View History.

Visual Studio Source Control Explorer

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP

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Thanks for the Detailed post about your VSTS upgrade for Dexterity projects.
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