Friday, August 29, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Developers' Preview is now available

These are exciting times indeed! Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Developer's Preview is now available for partners to download, as featured over at Developing for Dynamics GP by Kevin Racer, Sr. Program Manager Lead with the Microsoft Dynamics GP team (See Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015).

The Developer's Preview features the new Service Base Architecture (SBA) components that will enable developers from all walks of life to write and integrate applications on any platform to Microsoft Dynamics GP via REST services.

NOTE: as of the time of this article, hypermedia is still not part of the current design.

You can always find more information about RESTful services online, but here's a primer on RESTful with WCF on MSDN.

The RESTful approach facilitates integration across the board as it takes advantage some fundamental principles like HTTP as transport protocol, URIs to identify resources, and Verbs that translate directly into actions.

Now what makes this even more interesting is, all the business logic to consume and expose services can be written in sanScript. Let me repeat... all the business logic to consume and expose services can be written in sanScript - Microsoft Dexterity's development language. Dexterity has been considerably enhanced and extended for .NET interop. There's no more need to expose a .NET assembly to COM. And through the now familiar Dictionary Assembly Generator (DAG), you can generate the .NET assemblies for your Dexterity based services. This truly allows partners and ISVs to take significant advantage of their existing code base without much effort to add this new functionality.

Dexterity continues to evolve to deliver powerful functionality
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.NET interop opens up the door for Dexterity developers to create powerful applications that expose and consume services, along with a host of other options previously available only to Visual Studio developers. Alice Newsam discusses more on .NET Interop in her Dynamics GP Developer Insight article, over at Developing for Dynamics GP. The application integration options have now scaled beyond the traditional Web Services, eConnect, and Integration Manager options for CRUD operations and Dexterity Triggers and Visual Studio Tools for UI integration.

Partners can download the Roshal Archive format (RAR) files containing the virtual hard drive (VHD) image from PartnerSource using the links provided by Kevin in his article (See Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015).

It's always good to point out that this is still a preview version so you are encouraged not to release any product or deliver any service to a customer with these tools and rather use for internal education and readiness.


In my next article I will discuss how to load the VHD image.

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