Friday, May 2, 2014

KB Article 878449 Capture Login script gets a much needed rehaul

We live by it, we die by it. KB article 878449, How to transfer an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Small Business Financials, or Microsoft Small Business Manager installation to a new server that is running Microsoft SQL Server (KB 878449), is perhaps one of the most visited articles in the Microsoft Dynamics GP world, especially around upgrades. The article contains a script that, under normal circumstances, retrieves all the security principals and encrypted passwords on an existing Microsoft SQL Server. The result is a T-SQL script that allows you to restore those security principals on another Microsoft SQL Server.

Months aback I had seen numerous posts on the partner forum and the Microsoft Dynamics GP community where folks expressed having issues with the Capture Logins script on SQL Server 2012. Now David Musgrave over at the Developing for Dynamics GP blog has a definitive and answer and a solution to the problem and explains in great detail the issue experienced by many in his article Capture Logins Script from KB 878449 generates Invalid object name error.

Don't miss out on this article.

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