Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Web Client Wednesday - Microsoft Dynamics GP Reset User Password not working

Continuing with the Web Client Wednesday series, today I wanted to highlight the fact that the web client is still a work in progress. While a lot of ground has been covered over the past 3 years, the product continues to evolve, and of course, in the meantime there will be little issues here and there that may affect the way you work.

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Just recently I ran into a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web client deployment case where the advanced SQL Server options are enabled to enforce password expiration. These properties are a part of the Enforce Password Policy options on the User Setup window.

User Setup

When a password expires and a user attempts to log into the desktop client, they are immediately prompted to change their password and the Change User Password dialog window displays to allow the user to enter the old password, and enter and confirm the new one.

Change User Password window

The behavior is different under the web client, however. Whenever a password expires, the Change User Password dialog displays as expected, but in this case, the Old Password field is disabled and the user would only be prompted to enter the new password and confirm.

Change User Password dialog on Web Client 

Microsoft Dynamics GP uses the old password to establish a connection to the database - at this point, the user has not validated their SQL credentials - in order to set the new password. If the old password is not supplied the connection cannot be established, which in turn fails the attempt to change the new password.

This issue has been identified as a bug by Microsoft Support in Fargo and is currently in the queue for resolution. If you are affected by this problem, you are encouraged to open a support case and add yourself to the list for a fix.

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Beat BUCHER said...

Thank you Mariano for this information... this means no Enforced SQL security for users running off the GP Web client until MS has released a patch/fix for this issue :-).