Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to do a "Save As" in SmartList Builder

Ever wish you could do a "Save As" in SmartList Builder? Have you been working on a very complex SmartList and got to a point where things are working and now you need to make additional changes and you don't want to mess up the work you have done so far?

Just recently, I came across a request for being able to save a SmartList Builder smartlist under a different name - hence the "Save As" title. However, as you know SmartList Builder does not offer the ability to perform such operation out of the box. So here are some steps for you to do a "Save As" with Smartlist Builder:

1. Open SLB's Export Lists window and click on the list you would like to duplicate.
MSDGP | Tools | SmartList Builder | Export

Export Lists window
Enter or identify a path and file name for the list to be exported. Click the Export button when finished.

2. Edit the exported XML file with a text editor, for example Notepad. Search and replace all occurrences of the list ID in your file with the new name.

XML file edited in Notepad
Save the file when finished and exit the editor.

3. Open the SLB's Import Lists window and choose the file you previously exported, now containing the changes you made in step 2.

Import Lists window

Click the Import button to perform the actual import.

4. Return to SmartList Builder to verify the imported record.

Duplicated List

It would be nice sometimes if some of these features were provided straight out of the box, but with some understanding of the functionality and little creativity almost anything can be accomplished.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


Mike Lupro said...

Brilliant work-around Mariano. Thanks for sharing.
Mike Lupro

Jen Kuntz said...

Hi Mariano,

There is a "Duplicate" feature in SLB which might be simpler. :)

Under the Options button in SLB, choose Duplicate, and it asks you what kind, what ID and what name you want to make for the copy.


Robert Cavill said...

Simple and elegant.
Thanks for sharing.

Robert Cavill said...

(Scrap that previous comment.)
There is a way already within the product.
When in the Smartlist Builder window, having choosing a Smartlist ID, from the menu choose Options --> Duplicate.