Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chris Roehrich on eConnect vs Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Chris Roehrich is a really cool dude, who is an Escalation Engineer and member of the Developer Support team for Microsoft Dynamics GP in Fargo, North Dakota. I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person and have to say this guys knows his stuff - note I can't use the other s-word here - plus, he's a really fun person.

Today, I came across a really cool article from Chris over at Developing for Dynamics GP which addresses the eConnect vs Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP dilemma, faced by integration developers.

One thing I must add to Chris' excellent article is that eConnect and web services are typically used in the data integration arena. David Musgrave and I covered ground on this and the user interface customization tools (Modifier with VBA, Dexterity, and Visual Studio Tools) at Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2011. You can download the materials from that session on the Learning Resources page on this blog.

Also, you will want to check out the following white paper by Microsoft which has been a great resource over the years to help in the process of selecting a tool:

Choosing a Development Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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