GPUG Summit: Day 3

Day 3 marks the end of the GPUG Summit 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The day started with an early 8:00 AM session, IT15: Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP Like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool. The presentation was pre-recorded by David Musgrave with MVP Mark Polino and I in the room as facilitators and co-presenters. We had a chance to patch in David to say hi to the attendees. After the intro, we checked out David and began playing the video for the attendees. Unfortunately, due to the poor audio quality, and after 4 walk outs, we were forced to stop the recording.

Mark and I then decided to present the session live and were able to show some of the key features of the Support Debugging Tool. However, time was very short due to the fact the we needed to make up ground for the bad audio.

NOTE: Let this be a note of apology to everyone who attended our session. While we made all efforts to test the audio before hand and our judgement deemed it legible at first, clearly the end result was inadequate for the presentation.

After the session, I came across Andy Hefer, President of Dynamic Communities. Andy was able to arrange a photo-op with the wives of the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs  in attendance. This was all based on an idea for an article my wife ran by Andy the day before. In addition to the photo-op, the ladies will be featured in the GPUG Magazine as part of an interview - I must confess... I have a feeling this is a very bad idea!

Backdrop for our photo-op at Caesars Palace

The photo-op took place at 10:30 AM and we had a really good time, with laughter and the usual jokes.

I had a final session at 1:30 PM, IT19: Ask the Experts - Microsoft Dynamics GP Development Tools. Frankly, I had no expectations of anyone turning up for this session, since it was a part of the group of last sessions for the day, with a relatively heavy topic. However, and to my surprise, I had close to 15 people showing up. Attendees to my session were very much in tuned with the Web Client and wanted to know about the preparations and adjustments they will need to do to move their code forward to codename GP "12". Little did I know the session would be this dynamic and exciting and I thank everyone who attended for their interest, giving the time of the day at which the session was held. Also, thanks to Dave Dusek, Escalation Engineer Microsoft

Following my session, it was time to attend the GPUG Summit closing session, GEN20: Dynamics GP Product Strategy and Vision, scheduled at 3:00 PM. This was a very exciting session with Kim Peterson, GPUG Director providing a recap of the Summit and getting a bit moved as attendees thanked her for a very well organized event.

It was time for Pam Misialek, Product Manager Microsoft to put the final touches. Pam provided analogies between the product strategy and vision with North Dakotan birthday parties, and in particular a couple events around her family experiences. Pam highlighted how Microsoft Dynamics GP accomodates the old school ways of doing business, but at the same time moving forward to fit a world governed by technologies such as Instant Text Messaging and Social Networking in a world that's increasingly mobile. She then proceed to demo some of the features that will be available in codename GP "12".

Pam Misialek, Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Manager at the GPUG Summit closing session
Couple features that drew applauses were the ability to select a printer at print time and the gradual phase out of Report Writer in favor of SQL Server Reporting Services reports. Pam went into some details explaining that SSRS reports will run from within Microsoft Dynamics GP and not externally as it happens today.

It was time to say goodbye!

To wrap up the day, my wife and I went to watch comedian David Spade at the Venetian Hotel at 9:00 PM, who was in town for 2 days. Following the act, we returned to our hotel, Caesars Palace and decided to go to PURE night club for a couple hours.

David Spade at The Venetian Hotel
 Back to the room, we spent a great deal of time packing our suitcase and getting ready for our trip back to Atlanta.

Following this post, I will publish the traditional wrap up post with links to download the materials for the sessions I presented at the Summit.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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