Pre-Conference Day 1 - Getting here

February 26, 2011. Pre-Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference Day 1 - Getting here.

This is a series of articles leading up to the actual Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 event. The goal is to keep you informed of some of the developments leading up to the Conference and also provide you with a "behind the scenes" view of our work and activities.

While flying from Atlanta to Fargo is not quite as adventurous as flying from Perth, Australia, there are a few things you quickly realize, especially this time of the year: a) the 80-degree shift in temperature between the two cities (Atlanta and Fargo) as a result of the still lingering winter weather, and b) perhaps most captivating, the vastness of the upper Midwest United States.

Approaching Minneapolis, Minnesota, you could observe people ice fishing, a practice that has been carried out since the early days of the Midwest colonization. The State of Minnesota is nicknamed Land of 10,000 lakes.
Approaching Minneapolis, MN
The following picture shows a suburban community close to the airport.
Approaching Minneapolis, MN
The weather also served as a reminder of how unforgiven nature can be in these latitudes. Before taking off for Fargo, it was necessary to deice the aircraft, as it had been sitting for a long time on the tarmac with a "weight unbalance" issue as the captain had announced. This made leaving Minneapolis an a bit of an ordeal.
Deicing Truck - window covered in deicing fluid (Ethylene Glycol)
Once the aircraft left Minneapolis, after spending a good 1 hour on the deicing pad, Fargo was just 500 miles closer. Approaching Fargo is always one of those surreal moments. In contrast with neighboring, densely populated Minneapolis, there are extensions and extensions of land where you could count a farm or couple houses at a time, before you see the next patch of houses.
Approaching Fargo, ND
Closer to the airport, there are sparse neighborhoods in middle of the open plain.
Approaching Fargo, ND
Fargo's Hector International Airport airport offers a number of curiosities, including recreational vehicles close to the baggage area. These in particular seem to be able to trek any heavily snowed terrain, which would make them very fun for this time of the year -- here anyways.

Recreational Vehicles at Baggage Claim area at Hector International Airport (FAR)
Upon arriving to the Ramada Plaza hotel, I met up with David Musgrave and exchanged presents. Later on, fellow MVP, Leslie Vail checked in and the band was finally together again for another run at the Tech Conference. After a few laughs and ol' time catch up, we decided to go for dinner where we met up with David Eichner from ICAN Software. We spent a good time talking about the forbidden topics of religion, politics, and evolution.
MVP Leslie Vail

David Eichner (ICAN Software) and MVP Leslie Vail
Tomorrow will bring another day and the work to fine-tune our presentations will begin.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


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