Monday, August 9, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Connect feature and IE popups

Since the days of beta testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, I had been researching an issue with the Connect feature where, each time the content banner rotates, an Internet Explorer window would pop up showing the same content displayed by the Connect web part. One night, I left my laptop on with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 opened and woke up the next morning to the tune of 100+ individual Internet Explorer windows and a very slow, almost crawling, machine.

The pop-ups seemed to intensify when the GP 2010 main desktop becomes unfocused. The following is a sample of the URL that would show in IE address bar for a pop-up window (my voice account has been crossed out for security purposes).

Interestingly enough, the URL contains a parameter (se) which value happens to be interestingly enough popup. A few days aback, the Connect content changed on the Microsoft side to a static content and there were no rotating banners anymore which in turn ceased the IE pop ups.

Initially, I never thought of associating this issue with something very familiar to all of us: pop-up adds. Pop-up adds are mostly generated with JavaScript which is how the Connect feature on the home page was programmed. Below, a sample from the home page code:

//These are needed to control the interface
var ConnectsourceURLs;
var ConnectsourceURLParams;
var ConnenctCompanyParam;
var ConnenctRoleParam;

ConnectsourceURLs = "";
ConnectsourceURLParams = "&product=GPRoleCenter&version=11.00.0218.000&roleid=4050&voiceaccount=XXXXXXX&country=US&locale=EN-US";
ConnenctCompanyParam = encodeURIComponent("Fabrikam, Inc.");
ConnenctRoleParam = encodeURIComponent("IT Operations Manager");

ConnectsourceURLs = ConnectsourceURLs + ConnectsourceURLParams + "&company=" + ConnenctCompanyParam + "&role=" + ConnenctRoleParam;
ConnectsourceURLs = ConnectsourceURLs.replace(/ /g, "%20");

// Initialize the iframe
if (ConnectsourceURLs.length > 0)

With this understanding, I checked Internet Explorer's configuration and realized that the Pop-up Blocker was disabled. By enabling IE's Pop-up Blocker feature and restarting Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, the Internet Explorer pop-ups immediately ceased. Nonetheless, the question remains: Why is Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Connect feature raising popups to begin with?

If you have had to deal with this, just enable your browser's Pop-up Blocker.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Jivtesh Singh said...

Interesting. I did notice a performance problem when the web part was running and I would normally Pause it. Maybe this was the reason.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. This recently started happening to us. Your steps pointed me in the right direction. In our case, it wasn't IE's native popup blocker being disabled, however we discovered that Google Toolbar was installed and enabled on our SL server. Google Toolbar has it's own popup blocker, apart from IE's popup blocker.