Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Encumbrance vs PO Commitments

Two modules often confused are the Encumbrance and PO Commitments modules. They do have some similarities, but also have clear differences.

The basic differences are:

  1. Encumbrance tracks history in Great Plains while PO Commitments does not.

  2. Encumbrance doesn’t integrate with Requisition Management only PO Commitments. You can still use Encumbrance instead of Commitments, but you can’t track against a budget within Business Portal Requisition Management until you create a PO in Great Plains.

  3. Encumbrance requires all budgets to be entered for all open fiscal years but PO Commitment's budgets can be entered for any years you want to.

Their similarities:

  1. They are initiated in the Purchase Order Entry window.

  2. Budgets are for Purchase Orders only.

  3. Can do multiple purchases simultaneously (mass).

  4. Inquiries on current view.

  5. No MC functionality.

  6. Maintenance available.
Hope this helps shed some light.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC


Anonymous said...

Hi Mariona,

Is it possible to process encumberance on a PO line that is being imported with eConnect?

We have a custom process creating PO lines and the we would like the purchase order line to be encumbered after being created with eConnect, do you know if this is possible in GP 10 from eConnect or another process outside of Dexterity?


Anonymous said...

I need help in this topic the PO have deleted but the amount still showing in the inquire Budget committed windows what I should do

Anonymous said...

Dear Mariano,

Any updated post regarding Encumbrance and Requisitions in GP2015.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mariano

Great Blog, source of many solutions. But I just read a blog from Terry Heley that states "the new Purchase Requisitions feature was built to integrate with Encumbrance Management"


Do you know that it doesn't?

Thanks Mark