Developing for Dynamics GP - Weekly Summary

With David Musgrave out on vacations it would seem the articles would cease. Not the case at all! David made sure he left enough scheduled published articles so he did not have to get on the computer during his cruise throughout the South Pacific, perhaps enduring some hard knocks from Jennifer in the process. So let's see what David left for us.

If you are using Dexterity 10 (build 10.00.0320) Source Code Control with either the Generic Provider or Visual Source Safe, be aware of a bug when checking in multiple resources at once to the code repository. Click here to find out more about this issue and how to resolve it.

On the topic of Source Code Control, David explores the proper use of Index Files. An index file will help with keeping resource IDs in check, more so when you have more than one developer working on your Dexterity product. Make sure you check this article, since it also includes links to published KB articles on the subject.

This one evokes some nostalgic moments. We are also so used to the fancy interfaces: SQL Server Management Studio, Query Analyzer, even Excel. There was a moment in time when working with data in earlier versions of Dynamics GP, especially those running on Ctree and Btrieve, was a royal pain in the rear and identifying and correcting data issues and table corruptions wasn't as simply as it is today. There was DBrowser, then Dynamic Data Browser (DDB.EXE). David offers some history and provides a real life application of the tool. If you are a consultant and don't have this tool in your toolbox... you get my point!

Support Debugging Tool comes back with a 1-2 combination punch. This new build (build 10) includes the all-so-awesome Security Profiler and the all-too-cool Screeshot features. Please read David's Release Notes and download the tool. Check my SDT redux article for more info as well.

Some things may appear to be obvious sometimes, but I have also found people asking about access to CustomerSource and PartnerSource. My old friend, Scott Stephenson from Microsoft Dynamics GP Tools Support in Fargo, and David, both provide some of the criteria required for accessing any of these two Microsoft secure sites. Click here to read more.

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