GP splash images over the years

David Musgrave's GP logos throughout the years article continues to receive great reviews and has brought back many great memories for those of us who have been around long enough in the business of building customer success stories with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I thought I would bring back some very familiar images to many of you: the Dynamics GP splash screens! The splash screen is a bitmap file (.bmp) and was initially introduced with the release of Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise version 5.5 and has since been used by partners and customers to bring a more personalized look to their individual implementations.

NOTE: the functionality to load a splash screen was introduced with Dexterity 3.x.

Splash images have since been blended with company logos, ISV logos, product logos, replaced with soothing landscapes, tropical scenes, calming horizons, and anything customers, partners, and ISVs could envision to bring a level of personalization and pride of ownership after a successful implementation. Some users have even found it as a way to simply have some fun! Now you can enjoy them - at least the ones I have - all in one place:

Great Plains eEnterprise 5.5

Great Plains eEnterprise 6.0
Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions 7.0

Microsoft Business Solutions 7.5

Microsoft Business Solutions 8.0

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
This Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 logo with the version 8.0 splash screen is a composite image and was never introduced or considered for an official product release.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0
Starting with Microsoft Dynamics GP v10, the splash bitmap file was no longer a part of the installation files. When you launch v10, if no splash.bmp file is present, a standard composite image would be displayed. If there is a splash.bmp available it will be used instead of the default built-in splash screen.

This theme has been maintained consistently throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, with obvious variations noticeable only on the product version and copyright year.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

I would like to hear from you. Email me your favorite splash bitmap files, whether created by you or used at your customer and let me know about your experiences and memories building them. I will try to post as many of them with your stories.

The following splash.bmp files were provided by David Musgrave as a memory of his days at Winthrop Dexterity Consultants:

Winthrop Dexterity Consultants' Great Plain eEnterprise 5.5 customized splash

Winthrop Dexterity Consultants' Great Plains eEnterprise 6.0 customized splash

Finally, make sure to check David's article on Customise the Microsoft Dynamics GP Splash Screen for more info on the topic

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC


07/20/2013 - reorganized text and included GP 2010 and GP 2013 launch splash windows. Removed words "new" from within the article for time-sensitivity and relevancy.


Anonymous said…

Nice post. I created my own bmp file and replace it with the spalsh.bmp file in GP 8.0. Instead of the splash screen, black screen appears. But it works in GP 10.0.

Jivtesh Singh said…
I always thought the guy in GP 7.5 looked familiar. Now that I think about it - he looks like the character Jack from Will and Grace :)

Thanks for posting this!

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